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I contact about 10 electricians who claimed to have their 24 hour services at 1am only with my burglar alarm who kept going off. This company was the single helpful person who talked me brilliantly through how to quickly deactivate it on the phone, then later came to our home the next morning for doing it more efficiently.
- Mike Jones

This company’s electrician was very helpful when I located myself at 12 on Saturday night with smoke alarm just going off and I did not know what to do with it. I phoned him to ask for assistance in a panic. He was able to repair the issue in less than 20 minutes. Big thanks!
- Sarah Smith

Due to power failure I called this company. I met their electrician directly and explained him what had happened. He knew immediately where the issue was and worked with my own maintenance manager and power company until the power came back, around 4am. He has been totally fantastic, very skillful and helpful.
- Liam Clark

I have worked directly with this company’s Electricians and found them to be really brilliant! They take up the work very happily and work until their client is fully satisfied with the work done.
- Mason Hernandez

We used this electric company after burning smell started coming from the fuse board. They really were extremely efficient and the work was completed on the next day, very tidy and neat and competitive prices.
- William Lopez

They responded swiftly to my service call and it really was not long before he quickly isolated the issue with my wiring and resolved it. Neat work and cleaned up appropriately.
- Jacob Adams

This company was recommended by my colleague highly to install a few spot lights. He turned up at appointed time and work was done efficiently and professionally. Very tidy and neat, recommended highly.
- Sarah Miller

I used this electric company to re-wire my home totally and found no issues with the high quality of their job and also did a lot faster than other company told me it’d take. I’ll be hiring them again definitely.
- Emma Rodriguez

Came at a short notice, reliable, punctual, and seemed extremely knowledgeable, gave a lot of useful advices on potential work suggested.
- William Brown

Very good friendly services. Really helpful and extremely knowledgeable.I would recommend definitely to anyone in need. A wonderful work at a great rate.
- Ava Wilson